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About Us

LCD Buyer is powered by Clover Wireless. Founded in 1996, Clover is now the global leader in providing total environmental solutions to resellers, mass merchants and value-added specialty suppliers. This includes the recycling, refurbishing, and remanufacturing of consumable imaging supplies, cell phones, personal electronic devices, and telecommunications equipment.

Our innovative recycling programs offer our partners an additional revenue stream while ensuring clients the industry's most advanced and environmentally responsible recycling solutions.

Commitment to Excellence

We strive to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction in every area of our business and integrate Quality, Environmental Sustainability and Health & Safety into our products, and the services we provide for our associates and customers. We are committed to the continuous review and improvement of the effectiveness of our management systems. Our commitment is based on the following key principles:


  • Rigorous process management
  • Associate empowerment and accountability
  • Compliance with all quality management standards and requirements
  • Continuous evaluation and measurement of quality objectives and targets

Health & Safety

  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment
  • Continuous training to enable associates to work safely
  • Compliance with all governmental agencies, laws and regulations
  • Continuous evaluation and measurement of health and safety objectives and targets

Environmental Sustainability

  • Prioritization of reuse whenever possible
  • Environmentally superior recycling methods
  • Consistent focus on minimizing waste and prevention of pollution
  • Compliance with all environmental laws and regulations
  • Continuous evaluation and measurement of environmental objectives and targets

Clover certifications are location specific. For a complete list, please click here. For more details regarding this subject, please contact info@clovertech.com.

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